Once you've logged in:

Step 1. On the left column you'll want to scroll down to "Settings" and click "Stripe Connect"

 Fill out everything applicable to your business to enable Stripe integration for your business transactions. Once that is done Account connected will appear as "Yes" along with an Account ID code.

Step 2. Scroll down to “Settings” and Select a SUBSCRIPTION that works best for you so you can start selling.


 Step 3. Go to and Sign Up at and create a Shippo account for Shipping Integration, Fill out everything applicable to your business. 

Then click open "Settings"

and scroll to "Carriers" and activate the carriers you wish to use, Then scroll to "API"

There you will have the option to select a LIVE TOKEN or TEST TOKEN API, The "API" TOKEN will then have to be copied and pasted in your Abstract Visionz shop.  

You do that by going to Shipping on the left side of your shop column, click shipping, then click "Service Proivders" a new screen will open where you can click "CREATE NEW" in top right corner. You will see General Information as a header.

Under “Type": select Shippo

Under “Name": type in Shippo

Then Click the Enable box

Under "API TOKEN" paste either the LIVE or TEST token which ever you'r ready for.

Fulfiller top: should say "Supplier" then hit the green SAVE button.

 Step 4.  After that scroll down to click on SHIPPO on left column.

you should see a list of Carriers then click SYNCHRONIZE with SHIPPO in the top right. 

Once that is done you can go back to Shipping section and click 

"Shipping Methods", there you will click "CREATE NEW"

In the new screen you will have a GERNAL INFORMATION header

Under CARRIER: select SHIPPO

Under Service: select your Service Provider shipping option

Under Name: you can type in the same name as service provider selected,

scroll down and click ENABLE

Select:Shipping tax class

Then hit the green Save Button and your done with shippo. (You can have more than one service provider)

if you need more help, here is a video link  for connecting Shippo.

and you can contact us at any time at :


Once you are logged in as a Vendor, look to the left side and Click “PRODUCTS”

This will then open up the VENDOR PRODUCT page.

At the top right Click “NEW PRODUCT” and fill out the Following:


Short description:


Choose Product Tax Class for your tax class

Product type: Standard Product


Shipping Methods: select a shipping method

Primary Category: Type in the Category of your product

Categories: Type in your Category

Visibility: always visible

Hit green Save button then scroll back to the top of same page and fill out Product details; which are the following:

Don’t worry about Manufacture unless you really want to list it.

Shipping Mode: select  shipped Deliverable

Barcode: if you have one.

It is important to fill out the Width, Height, Depth, Net Weight, Gross weight (the combined weight of product and package) you can also use an (OZ to Lbs calculator on google) to help you determine the weight.

Slug is like a promo name if you want to list it

Variation & Keywords for product are necessary for analytics 

Hit green Save button

Scroll back to the top of same page and Click “Product Images” 

Load up Product images, once product image is loaded up click the image and set it as a primary image the hit Save.

Next go to “Stock Management” on the same page

Fill out the Price and Quantity the click add stock button

Fill out Alert limit and click Change alert limit

You will see number tally up on the left side then hit green Save Button

If you have Product Variations of the Same Product 

Click Product Variations  this deals with size and color

If you have different sizes : Type size in Select Variations, then hit return. You can then type in each size you have , be sure to hit return after typing each size so it can be listed, once that is done for size and colors click “Confirm Pending Changes and you can type in and correct the inventory below and be sure to hit the green Save button once complete.

Now you can click “Products” on the far left to see images listed in New Product listings

If image does not show but the information is there, click the image box, then click Product images again , click the cloud to open of the folder and select necessary image.

I hope this was helpful, if you need more help don’t hesitate to email us at